About me

‘It is signs that have no exact meaning that provoke a magic sense.’  Miro 

‘The child I was is with me in the present hour’.  Mary Oliver

I grew up on the Surrey/Hampshire border and have kept the memories of childhood very close to my heart.  Woods, water, yellow gorse, vast army ranges; deep impressions which have burrowed their way into my image-making. I almost completed an art foundation course but have always regarded myself as self taught.

I work mainly with layered grids of painted squares over which I place little pieces of torn paper, bits of metal, wood, stones, pebbles, rusted nails, twisted string; all sorts of beautiful, ordinary things I pick up from just about anywhere.  

Starting points are often the memories of a particular time or place, which then evolve into other associations as I begin to compose the piece.  I hope there are spaces for exploration; ambiguous gaps through which the viewers’ imaginations can make their own  narratives.